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How to find earrings for your face shape? Be it Round, Heart, Face, Diamond or Oval Face.

by Minifora Jewels 27 Feb 2024

Figuring out your face shape is a practical first step in finding earring designs that look great on you. It's like having a map that guides you to the earring styles that highlight your features best.

This guide will help you find the right earrings for your face shape, ensuring they resonate with your style. Whether you're drawn to the classic allure of earrings for a heart-shaped face or the bold statement of contemporary earring styles, let's uncover the pieces that feel unmistakably yours.

Here's a quick rundown of the shapes we'll explore: oval, known for its balanced proportions; round, with its equal width and length; square, where the jaw and forehead stand out; heart, tapering to a delicate chin; and diamond, with cheekbones that steal the show. Knowing face shapes for women helps you choose earrings that complement your natural look, making it easier to pick pieces that feel just right.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Face Shapes For Women

Discovering women’s face shapes is easier than you might think, and you don't need to visit a professional to figure it out. With just a few simple tools and measurements, you can uncover the contours of your face right at home. Follow these simple steps to find the shape of your face and the earring styles that will suit you best:

  • Gather Tools: You'll need a flexible tape measure and a notepad to jot down your measurements.
  • Measure Your Forehead: Record the width across the widest part, usually halfway between your hairline and eyebrows.
  • Cheekbone Width: Measure the distance between the peaks of your cheekbones, just below the outer corner of each eye.
  • Jawline Measurement: Find the widest part of your jaw, just below your ears, and measure from there to the middle of your chin. Do this on both sides and add the numbers together.
  • Face Length: Measure from the center of your hairline straight down over the nose to the bottom of your chin.
  • Analyze Your Data: Compare your measurements. Oval faces have a face length larger than the width of the cheekbones. Round faces have a soft angle with equal face length and cheekbone width. Square faces show similar measurements across all areas, with a sharp jawline. Heart-shaped faces feature a wider forehead and a narrower chin. Diamond faces have a narrow forehead and jawline with cheekbones as the widest part.
  • Match Your Shape: Identify which women face shape you most closely resemble based on your measurements.

Finding The Best Earrings For Women Face Shapes

Selecting the perfect earrings for your face shape is an art that enhances your natural beauty and complements your features. Here's how to choose the right earring styles and earring designs for each women face shape:

1. Heart Face

Finding the perfect earrings for a heart-shaped face is all about creating balance. Teardrop and chandelier earring designs naturally draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones while gracefully complementing the tapering chin.

These styles, wider at the bottom, add the illusion of fullness where it's most desired, ensuring your face looks beautifully balanced. Embrace earrings for a heart-shaped face that celebrate the unique contours of your face, from elegant teardrops to playful chandeliers, each pair promising to enhance your natural beauty and bring symmetry to your features.

2. Diamond Face

For the diamond-faced among us, finding earrings for your face shape that spotlight the cheekbones without elongating the face is the goal. Earring designs embracing horizontal lines or oval shapes work magic by visually widening the face at just the right points. Opting for small studs can accentuate the eyes and cheekbones subtly, while wide-set hoops bring a flattering breadth to your face's natural contours.

These earring styles are not just complementary; they're a strategic choice to celebrate the unique beauty of a diamond-shaped face, ensuring your features are highlighted with every turn of the head.

3. Oval Face

Oval-faced beauties rejoice in the luxury of choice, with nearly every earring style under the sun flattering their balanced proportions. Yet, the true art for those with oval faces lies in selecting earring designs that introduce an extra layer of dimension and personality to their look.

 Bold, statement pieces be it oversized hoops, delicately intricate chandeliers, or eye-catching diamond earrings do more than just adorn; they enhance. These earrings serve as extensions of your personal style, adding depth and a touch of drama to your natural elegance. Embrace the freedom to experiment and let your earrings make a statement as unique as you are.

4. Round Face

For those with round faces, the quest for the perfect earrings focuses on elongating and defining. Choosing earring styles that dangle, such as sleek drops or linear designs, can visually stretch the face, creating a more oval appearance. Geometric shapes, particularly those with vertical lines, also work wonders by providing contrast to the roundness of your cheeks.

Opting for earring designs that hang below the jawline will draw the eye downward, giving the face a slimmer profile. Avoid large, circular earrings that mimic the face's shape, instead embracing the elegance of length and linearity. These earrings for your face shape not only flatter but also bring a sophisticated edge to your look.

5. Square Face

For those with a square face, the key to selecting the perfect earring styles lies in softening the pronounced jawline and forehead. Earring designs that feature soft curves, like hoops or circular diamond earrings, introduce a gentle contrast to the natural angles of your face.

These curvaceous shapes help to round out the sharpness, creating a more harmonious and softened appearance. Dangling earrings with rounded edges not only add a layer of femininity but also bring movement that draws the eye, subtly reshaping the perception of your face's geometry. Embrace these earring styles to celebrate your features with a soft, elegant touch.


Selecting the right earrings for your face shape is more than a fashion choice; it's a way to enhance your features and showcase your personal style. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of diamond earrings or the modern appeal of geometric earring designs, finding the perfect match is key.

The best earrings for your face shape are those that boost your confidence and complete your look. Explore the variety of earring styles available, discover what resonates with you, and let your chosen pair not just accessorize but also highlight your unique beauty. Here's to uncovering the earring designs that are not merely additions to your jewellery collection but true reflections of your individuality.

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